Keep Inside

by Steamboats

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released January 9, 2013

Recorded, mixed and mastered at the Swamp Studio by Maxim Selugin in 2012.
All songs written and recorded by Steamboats. Artwork by Andrey Shurshilin. Drums by Roma Chavlitko/Andrey Shurshilin.
Thanks to everyone who has supported us.
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Steamboats Republic of Karelia, Russian Federation

Vlad, Denis, Misha, Senya, Kolya.

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Track Name: Spent Time
Looking back at the past
Imagine yourself on the spot of
An unpleasant situation
As if we returned five years ago
Feeling as if being buried under the ground now

Faced with the problem try to smile in response
Nothing bad can happen only in a moment of joy
Just wanted to come back home, get on the sofa and relax

Leaving do not forget to make sure that
You have left no traces of the crime
That were made in youth
They can suddenly come into your home
And do not even say hello
Track Name: Inhale
The joy of freedom will leave my mind
Looking back again I remember the hatred of fear
My soul is like a chick in the shell
It’s striving for freedom to move forward

The history of phobia that was me
Will throw me in an abyss of suffering
But you forget about it and see life
Fear throws me overboard into the depths of the river

Hope has given the rise of dreams
But I know exactly I will always have
My suffering, my head is full of fuss
They will stay in my heart for ever

Forgetting for a moment you see life
Fear throws me overboard into the depths of the river
Track Name: Be Yourself
Coming out of body smelling home
You see people who are not looking
For anything of waiting for something
Life turns into a slave, a machine of patterned life by work

Change your mind that the world is hopelessly spoiled
Believe in what life you has given and you’re on the freedom ship
Live now, make yourself the person you want to be

It is all important, even absurd accidents of fate
Realized the truth make your world a brighter place
Without losing the soul in the crowd flow

Filling the film with delights of feelings
Include yourself in the red book
You’re immortal and unique in it
Track Name: Keep Inside
Scar on my skin
Of the cold blade of life
That’s the reason to say I was wrong
When this all over and I’ll make the next step

Don’t lose what takes place in your heart, in your life, in your heart
My pride is poisoning me
Loneliness makes me feel it

I had insomnia last night
Because closing my eyes I stay with my thoughts alone
These ruins were left after the fire
Made with my own hands